♥About Me♥

I'm humble. I'm neat. And I'm regular. That pretty much sums me up.

My name is Lakeisha and I live in Louisville, Kentucky. Originally raised in Georgia, I moved to bourbon country to continue my education and develop a career. When I'm not attending to those priorities, I'm here. Working for you. Blogging has become more than a hobby for me; it has become a craft.

I sought out a creative space to express myself and relate to others, and it just so happens that this platform is perfect for it. I love healthy discussion; I thrive on it. Even when I share a piece and it seems to fall on deaf ears, I'm still fulfilled because I have a passion for the process of writing in itself.

Through this space I hope to inspire, motivate, and encourage other Brown girls like myself. Those who are also humble, neat, and regular.