Saturday, June 18, 2016

#PrayforOrlando ♥

Anytime that a large number of people are killed or murdered, it impacts me in some way. It doesn't matter whether the incident occurred in the States or abroad. My spirit is just affected by the sudden loss of innocent lives, as I'm sure that yours is as well.

When I initially received news of the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, I knew it was tragic but the devastation of it did not hit me right away. It wasn't until the victims' identities were revealed that I truly was heartbroken. There were some victims that were middle aged, but a great majority of them were fairly young. Some even younger than I am. And that deeply disturbed me.

I imagined how they must have set out that night, not imagining that it would be their last evening alive. I imagined the passions they had, the aspirations, and dreams. I imagined their families and how their loved ones would attempt to continue on without them. And it was very frustrating to reflect on because in a matter of minutes, all of that was unjustly stripped away from them.

I was recently engaging in a conversation with someone about the incident and we brought up the idea of how much better the world would be if no one felt the need to police the lives of others. What if we had no desire to monitor and control the lifestyles that other people choose? Of course the lifestyles shouldn't involve direct harm to anyone; nothing that can interfere with the livelihood of other human beings. But I'm sure you understand the gist of my perspective. Life would be much more peaceful if we all were content with allowing others to just live as they pleased. Although we may not agree with the sexual orientations or identities that other individuals choose, it is ultimately beyond our control. Or, it ought to be.

Although I do not consider myself a member of LGBTQIA, I do believe that everyone has the right to live and love as they please. In no manner was the perpetrator justified in the act he committed. More Christians should realize that to advocate for the civil rights of a people does not necessarily mean you advocate for their sexuality.

In other words, to admit your grief over the lost lives does not mean you must identify as gay, lesbian, queer, etc. It is possible to be in support of equal treatment of a people while disagreeing with the things they do.

It is my hope that nothing of this caliber will occur again, in any respect. My heartfelt prayers go out to the families mourning the loss of their sons, daughters, uncles, and fathers. As a Believer, I feel that although there any many things in life we do not understand, we have a divine connection to the One who understands all. Through this connection, we can find the strength we need to move forward with love and bring along all of our sisters and brothers, including those still fighting to love who they choose.

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