Sunday, July 19, 2015

I Don't Fear Menopause.

One of my biggest fears is getting older. I know that may sound dumb because everyone has to get older at some point, but I guess I need to clarify my point. I fear getting older and not living a fulfilled life. I don't want to wake up some morning when I'm 50 years old and just wonder where my life has gone, what I've done with all my time.

We've all at some point been in public and noticed a homeless man or woman just wandering the streets, mall, wherever you may be. The majority of us may give them a dollar or two if they ask (because we're just so gracious) but we don't take true notice of them. We don't think about who they are, who they could have the potential to be, nor what background they may have come from. Where did it all start? What right or awfully wrong decision did they make to land them in the life they now lead? We don't really consider them a whole person. 

So not fair. 

Each and every one of us makes hundreds of decisions day-to-day that lead us to different outcomes. Even the most mundane-choosing tuna over ham, walking home at 9:30 instead of 10:00-impacts the life that you have and develop in the future. Even the simplest decisions can lead to a lifetime of regret later. 

This is why I fear aging. I don't want to make a choice that I'll regret fifteen years from now and end up wondering why my life went wrong. Bring on the wrinkles, bring on the sagging, bring on MENOPAUSE!!!

But please just let me keep my direction. 

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