Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You Are Enough.♡

Earlier today, I was scrolling through my timeline on Twitter (because I have absolutely no life) and I noticed this tweet some girl tweeted. Of course I won't reveal her name but it said something along the lines of "I just wanna look like the girl on Tumblr."

No, but really.

Even if the girl had been joking, the statement still stands as an example of the social media-crazed society we live in today. Everyone says that they are "unique" or "different" or "an individual" but if you're steadily comparing yourself to someone else and idolizing them, just how unique are you?

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr are more image driven than other sites so followings are based primarily on the visual. What people see and how pleasing it is to the eye is what draws their attention. And everyone loves attention. Maybe not on the same levels or in the same ways, but as human beings, we naturally crave some form of acceptance by our peers. So, in this context what do we do? Anything that will satisfy that urge and help shed a little spotlight on ourselves. 

This only becomes an issue when we begin to compare everything about ourselves to everything about another person. It's self-sabotaging and the most difficult part of it all is that we often do it without realizing it. 

All of those likes, favorites, and follows subconsciously create an ideal that we begin to strive towards. We want to emulate what we see online because naively we believe that it'll provide a sense of acceptance we're looking for. Sadly, the acceptance we truly need is within ourselves. 

Don't believe the hype. You're perfect just the way you are and anyone who tells you that you aren't isn't someone you should surround yourself with. It's not self acceptance in an egotistical or narcissistic way, but from a place of love. Love yourself genuinely and others will too. By trying to be someone else, you're doing the world a disservice because we're missing out on YOU!