Tuesday, April 14, 2015



As much as I hate the trending use of this word, it is simply the only way I can describe my attitude lately. The more life seems to hands me its a** to kiss, the more motivated I become. 

I am a student of Kentucky (of all places) now and have been for nearly a year now. I moved from Georgia last year to further my education and basically attempt to get my life together. Which, I have done thankyouverymuch. Somewhat. Even though I have been living in this new state for over 1 year, I was just recently informed that I'm still not considered a Kentucky resident. So, as a student my tuition for the school I'm applying to will be 3x as much as the normal residential student. 

Mind you, this does not include the additional room & board costs as well. I can attempt to appeal this decision but the chances of it being redeemed are slim to none. Supposedly there are certain adult things I'm supposed to do to demonstrate my efforts to become a long-term resident of Kentucky now. 

Should I stay and accept the tuition 3x as much or just return home for a college with more reasonable prices?


  1. Stay there! God will work it out. Moving away was the best thing for you as far as your education. God made it possible then so he will do it now. Keep your head in the books and your mind on the Lord. He will guide you!