Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ALL #BlackLivesMatter

'There is no doubt that history is repeating itself. I am just shocked that I am living to experience it.

Unless you have been living underneath a rock, the chaos and riots of Baltimore, Maryland are all you've been hearing about for the past week. Following the untimely death of Freddie Gray, citizens are demonstrating what they consider justice in response. Buildings are set on fire, stores are looted, cars set on fire... And of course, the streets are not safe for children to even attend school. Currently (as of 04/28/15) there is a curfew being initiated to prevent further damage and uproar.

I have key two concerns, questions, whatever you choose to consider them..

1. Why aren't we talking about Freddie Gray any longer?

2. Are we witnessing a continuous stream of interconnected social incidents, or are they cases under a grand magnifying glass?

Let me explain...

I understand that the [Black] community is furious about all of the latest unjust rulings in the killings of African-Americans. I get that. I understand that something must be done to demonstrate #BlackLivesMatter. I get that too. But what I don't get is how these riots and violence against the law enforcement will give a second life to Freddie Gray. By going into the streets and destroying property, it's only causing more pain and anguish for the city and especially for the loved ones of Gray. His family does not want the violence of Baltimore to be the nation's concern, but for the justice to be served in memory of their beloved son, brother, cousin, etc.

And now...

From the Trayvon Martin case to the Mike Brown case to Freddie Gray (and ALLLLLLL those in between), my greatest concern is what exactly we're experiencing as a nation. Are all of these incidents individual cases that are being spotlighted because of the continuous stream of them? Or are we now simply paying attention to the social injustice happening every single day? My fear is that it's the latter. These are not isolated incidents that just happen. Just happen because someone was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just happen because someone pulled their gun instead of their tazer. Just happen because someone felt threatened. These are collective examples of injustice that happen every day, possibly in every city, with everyday people. There are so many more Trayvon Martins, Mike Browns, and Freddie Grays that we don't even know about.

And that's the really frightening part. 

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