Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Cookie Is All Mine.

It wasn't until just recently that I became a major fan of Tumblr. When it comes to social platforms, I'm a bit of a stickler. It piques my interest for a few days and then I'm done (unless it's Twitter, Twitter is FOREVER). 

Something I've discovered about Tumblr is this overwhelmingly (GREAT) sense of girl power. Most of the people I follow in fact are female and they're from all over the world. Most live outside the US in fact. But they all share this common denominator of feminism. I tread softly when I use that term because I don't (yet) classify myself as one. I'm not a bandwagoner; I won't hop on simply because they're hauling tail. But I can definitely say that the stories, ideas, and facts all of these young ladies share definitely makes me wonder where my head has been the past twenty-two years, why I've yet to be "enlightened."

Twitter, on the other hand, is not so educational. At least my TL isn't on a daily basis. I follow a good mixture of both men and women (or shall I say guys and girls) all over the world and the topics vary with the media. Sneak disses, award nominations, the latest sports news, and Rihanna's booty are all I see every day. Oh, and let's not forget this kinda 'ish...

Before you delve into forming an opinion on the statement made, pay attention to the numbers. The retweets and the favorites. Those numbers indicate that thirty-six people read the following tweet, possibly laughed at it, and then proceeded to share it with hundreds of others that are following them as well. Sixteen of those thirty-six (or possibly aside from) were so tickled by what they read they just had to favorite it to show appreciation to the author. Mind you, there are possibly hundreds of others who saw this and chose not to retweet nor favorite. But it was STILL seen. In comparison to other tweets that may earn up to hundreds of retweets and favorites, these numbers are small fry, right? But isn't the statement made still the same?

In social media, anytime that you retweet, like, or forward anything, it's a small sign of acceptance. Whatever it is that you are supporting, it shows that you condone it. And it's troubling that a) a male has the galls to say something this shrewd, b) several of his followers supported his ignorance, c) he's still allowed to continue with this thwarted sense of entitlement as male. This idea that the female body is for pleasure and entertainment for men is NOT new. We all know that. It would be great if we acted as if we did. 

Personal Service Announcement: 


Thank you.

My name is Lakeisha and I approve this message. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Just Do Nothing.

My schedule lately has allowed me some free time to relax, wind down, and just do absolutely nothing.

And it feels great!
I've been spending a lot of time watching old Nollywood movies on YouTube and I ran across this actress named Anne Kasiime, or "Kasiime Anne" as she's referred to on YT. If you frequent Tumblr you've probably crossed one of her videos a time or two but just didn't know who she was at the time.

Here's just one of her hundreds of videos posted on YouTube. She's downright hilarious. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

I Don't Fear Menopause.

One of my biggest fears is getting older. I know that may sound dumb because everyone has to get older at some point, but I guess I need to clarify my point. I fear getting older and not living a fulfilled life. I don't want to wake up some morning when I'm 50 years old and just wonder where my life has gone, what I've done with all my time.

We've all at some point been in public and noticed a homeless man or woman just wandering the streets, mall, wherever you may be. The majority of us may give them a dollar or two if they ask (because we're just so gracious) but we don't take true notice of them. We don't think about who they are, who they could have the potential to be, nor what background they may have come from. Where did it all start? What right or awfully wrong decision did they make to land them in the life they now lead? We don't really consider them a whole person. 

So not fair. 

Each and every one of us makes hundreds of decisions day-to-day that lead us to different outcomes. Even the most mundane-choosing tuna over ham, walking home at 9:30 instead of 10:00-impacts the life that you have and develop in the future. Even the simplest decisions can lead to a lifetime of regret later. 

This is why I fear aging. I don't want to make a choice that I'll regret fifteen years from now and end up wondering why my life went wrong. Bring on the wrinkles, bring on the sagging, bring on MENOPAUSE!!!

But please just let me keep my direction. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You Are Enough.♡

Earlier today, I was scrolling through my timeline on Twitter (because I have absolutely no life) and I noticed this tweet some girl tweeted. Of course I won't reveal her name but it said something along the lines of "I just wanna look like the girl on Tumblr."

No, but really.

Even if the girl had been joking, the statement still stands as an example of the social media-crazed society we live in today. Everyone says that they are "unique" or "different" or "an individual" but if you're steadily comparing yourself to someone else and idolizing them, just how unique are you?

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr are more image driven than other sites so followings are based primarily on the visual. What people see and how pleasing it is to the eye is what draws their attention. And everyone loves attention. Maybe not on the same levels or in the same ways, but as human beings, we naturally crave some form of acceptance by our peers. So, in this context what do we do? Anything that will satisfy that urge and help shed a little spotlight on ourselves. 

This only becomes an issue when we begin to compare everything about ourselves to everything about another person. It's self-sabotaging and the most difficult part of it all is that we often do it without realizing it. 

All of those likes, favorites, and follows subconsciously create an ideal that we begin to strive towards. We want to emulate what we see online because naively we believe that it'll provide a sense of acceptance we're looking for. Sadly, the acceptance we truly need is within ourselves. 

Don't believe the hype. You're perfect just the way you are and anyone who tells you that you aren't isn't someone you should surround yourself with. It's not self acceptance in an egotistical or narcissistic way, but from a place of love. Love yourself genuinely and others will too. By trying to be someone else, you're doing the world a disservice because we're missing out on YOU!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Get IN Your Feelings.

As I was browsing Facebook today, I noticed an article entitled The Psychology of Sensitivity: 9 Signs You're Emotionally Intelligent.

I read it. And it was good.

To be "emotionally intelligent" is to be very aware of your own emotions as well as sensitive to those of others. It allows you to extend empathy to other people and put yourself in their shoes so that you can better navigate relationships. Personally, I believe this is one of those "soft skills" that no one truly teaches you in school or college. It comes naturally and more naturally for some than others.

Interested in knowing if you're emotionally intelligent? Check out these tips and evaluate yo' self...

  • You have a realistic sense of self confidence. 

In other words, you realize that you're just like everyone else. You know you have strengths and weaknesses, yet you're skilled in how to develop those areas.

  • You know how your feelings operate.

  • Nobody knows YOU better than YOU. You can feel a b*tch fit coming a mile away and you know exactly when to call it quits. Emotionally intelligent people have no problem sorting out the how's and why's of their own feelings.

    • You don't break under pressure. 
    When you're so aware of what excites you or makes you tick, it's much easier to be relaxed during times of distress. You can foresee what's coming and most importantly, you're in tune to prepare your reaction. Even if push comes to shove and you overreact, you're most likely to recover quickly.

    These are just 3 of the nine signs indicated in the Facebook article I read scanned. If you're really interested in checking out the rest, follow the link here:

    Comment your thoughts below! 

    Tuesday, May 5, 2015

    Making It Rain.

    So, this is me in a hat.
    For those who don't know, the Kentucky Derby is a yearly event that grants the city of Louisville permission to just do outlandish 'ish. That is, if you have the money to. 

    Even if I attempted to put it into words, I wouldn't do it any justice to describe the fashion that comes to Louisville. The hats are really gorgeous (and amazingly handmade) and the dresses are to die for. Seriously. It's less of a sporting event and more of a social event now. Everyone comes to drink bourbon, dress nice, and waste a TON of money. 

    I honestly did not realize how poor I was until I witnessed just how rich these people are. The money I work for in two weeks is just pocket change to them. They could feed me for three months just on the cash they carry on a daily. 

    The struggle is real.

    Being surrounded by so many wealthy people made me wonder what their secret was. What exactly were they doing in their 20s that I'm not doing now? Granted, many of them were probably born into wealth so there wasn't much work to be done. But, how did they maintain their finances? Honestly, I'm sure it's not all rocket science. You just budget. But, the key is creating a realistic budget. Not living outside of your means. Which, admittedly I do pretty often. Not on their level, but, you know. 

    I wanna make it rain too. 

    Tuesday, April 28, 2015

    ALL #BlackLivesMatter

    'There is no doubt that history is repeating itself. I am just shocked that I am living to experience it.

    Unless you have been living underneath a rock, the chaos and riots of Baltimore, Maryland are all you've been hearing about for the past week. Following the untimely death of Freddie Gray, citizens are demonstrating what they consider justice in response. Buildings are set on fire, stores are looted, cars set on fire... And of course, the streets are not safe for children to even attend school. Currently (as of 04/28/15) there is a curfew being initiated to prevent further damage and uproar.

    I have key two concerns, questions, whatever you choose to consider them..

    1. Why aren't we talking about Freddie Gray any longer?

    2. Are we witnessing a continuous stream of interconnected social incidents, or are they cases under a grand magnifying glass?

    Let me explain...

    I understand that the [Black] community is furious about all of the latest unjust rulings in the killings of African-Americans. I get that. I understand that something must be done to demonstrate #BlackLivesMatter. I get that too. But what I don't get is how these riots and violence against the law enforcement will give a second life to Freddie Gray. By going into the streets and destroying property, it's only causing more pain and anguish for the city and especially for the loved ones of Gray. His family does not want the violence of Baltimore to be the nation's concern, but for the justice to be served in memory of their beloved son, brother, cousin, etc.

    And now...

    From the Trayvon Martin case to the Mike Brown case to Freddie Gray (and ALLLLLLL those in between), my greatest concern is what exactly we're experiencing as a nation. Are all of these incidents individual cases that are being spotlighted because of the continuous stream of them? Or are we now simply paying attention to the social injustice happening every single day? My fear is that it's the latter. These are not isolated incidents that just happen. Just happen because someone was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just happen because someone pulled their gun instead of their tazer. Just happen because someone felt threatened. These are collective examples of injustice that happen every day, possibly in every city, with everyday people. There are so many more Trayvon Martins, Mike Browns, and Freddie Grays that we don't even know about.

    And that's the really frightening part. 

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015

    I Need Some More Batteries.

    I'm beat.

    The struggle could not be anymore real right now. Between writing last minute papers for school, preparing for the Kentucky Derby at work, making hurried plans for the summer, and trying to maintain my non-existent social life, I have no time for myself lately. 

    Unless you wanna count eating. And sleeping. But those are strictly for survival, not pleasure. 

    Whether you're a senior, freshman, or anything in between, the last few days (for some, weeks) of the Spring semester are the HARDEST to get through. It's like you're cruising through the semester all willy-nilly not worrrying about a thing and then...


     Midterms arrive and it's all uphill from there. Thankfully, my school has chosen to end the semester earlier than most schools and the last day of classes is tomorrow. Yassssssss, I said tomorrow!

    Indeed, I still have to work after classes end but at least I can have a mental break before finals start. Yes, I'm a 20-something full of vigor and ready to tackle life head on with no hesitation each and every day sometimes. I have more than enough time to accomplish everything I need to do every day some days. Who has time to complain with all the energy I have left?

    But no, seriously. I need a friggin nap. 

    Friday, April 17, 2015

    I'm a Loner, I'm a Loner, I'm a Loner.

    It's been brought to my attention time and time again that I am a loner.

    As if any loner needs to be reminded of that.

    People around me always comment that I keep to myself or that I don't socialize enough--whatever is considered "enough" by social standards. But what they fail to realize is that it's not always necessarily a choice.

    I am an introvert and I LOVE my introversion. It provides me with a sense of comfort in my own skin, being able to withdraw and open myself up to my own thoughts. I constantly crave insight and as one with an introverted personality, I always satisfy that desire. It's quite fulfilling. However, sometimes it can lead to a great deal of loneliness. So much time spent prodding the pits of my own mind leaves very little opportunities to interact and socialize with the outside world. I become secluded, isolated even. Not necessarily because I choose to be that way, but because due to my introverted personality, I haven't just yet learned how not to be. There are no classes (that I'm aware of) that educates one on how to be popular, how to attract people, or on how to avoid your own introverted tendencies. 

    For this moment, I designate myself as a spokesperson for the introverted community by saying it's possible for us to get lonely too. Yes, most of the time we choose to be alone. Yes, most of the time we would much rather enjoy our own company than that of someone else. But, there comes moments when we crave social interaction--maybe just on a smaller scale. The average extrovert may view a Saturday night full of bar hopping and dancing as the ideal way to socialize. But for someone like myself, it may just involve the company of 1 or 2 people. It doesn't have to be in public (actually, preferably NOT in public) and it most certainly doesn't have to involve a set activity. Perhaps we can just talk. Exchange pleasantries. Share events of the day. And quite possibly delve into a very interesting, thought-provoking conversation about life and stuff. That's always cool. 

    We introverts aren't hard to please. We don't need much. But what we do need, we need in our own way. 

    Tuesday, April 14, 2015



    As much as I hate the trending use of this word, it is simply the only way I can describe my attitude lately. The more life seems to hands me its a** to kiss, the more motivated I become. 

    I am a student of Kentucky (of all places) now and have been for nearly a year now. I moved from Georgia last year to further my education and basically attempt to get my life together. Which, I have done thankyouverymuch. Somewhat. Even though I have been living in this new state for over 1 year, I was just recently informed that I'm still not considered a Kentucky resident. So, as a student my tuition for the school I'm applying to will be 3x as much as the normal residential student. 

    Mind you, this does not include the additional room & board costs as well. I can attempt to appeal this decision but the chances of it being redeemed are slim to none. Supposedly there are certain adult things I'm supposed to do to demonstrate my efforts to become a long-term resident of Kentucky now. 

    Should I stay and accept the tuition 3x as much or just return home for a college with more reasonable prices?

    Friday, April 10, 2015

    I am blogging, for the 99756456497th time.

    I have been inspired. 

    While watching over the shoulder of a friend who is developing his own blog (,  I was spontaneously motivated to create my own. Again. I have had several blogs over the years, most of which may or may not still be floating along someplace in cyberspace. (Feel free to search for them if you'd like.)

    But this one shall be a success! I hope.

    I don't want to simply write, but to engage. To interact with others-my readers-and see what they like or dislike. What do we have in common? Can they relate to me on any level? And a host of other meaningful questions I'd love to ask complete strangers on the Internet. 

    This is gonna be FUN!